About Us


Artfully Creative offers luxury jewelry that can be worn as eyewear holders, lanyards, and statement necklaces that can be mixed and matched with our artisan pendants.

Our story began with pieces of beautiful stones, a need for attractive eyewear holders, and inspiration. After Laura Parent got tired of trying all of the other eyewear holders on the market, frustrated by their lack of performance, she set out to create her own. Laura took it upon herself to engineer a quality extension with a sturdy connection between the necklace and the glasses. It started with an original, high-quality eyeglass holder extension. It resulted in a superior, patented eyewear necklace system that soon became a fashion statement.

Laura envisioned the future of eyeglass holder necklaces: a gorgeous line of high-end eyeglass chains that elegantly transition into a luxury statement necklace.

Laura was excited to take her creation to another level. She started designing gorgeous necklaces handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones that could be attached to her original eyeglass holder extensions. She called it Artfully Creative, and it quickly became the new fashion accessory. Artfully Creative eyeglass holders allow you to leave your extension attached to the handles of your eyeglasses or sunglasses while providing a versatile hook that attaches to any of our chains. Unlike other products, our 33” and 24” strands sit perfectly in position below your seatbelt, preventing your glasses from rubbing on your seatbelt and getting scratched. 

Whether you are going for a workout, a busy day in the office, an evening out or a special event, Artfully Creative eyeglass necklaces add elegance and glamour to your look. Now, you can customize your unique Artfully Creative jewelry to suit your taste. Add a mix and match artisan pendant, or contact us for a custom-made piece.