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Artfully-Creative is your source for an extensive selection of eyeglass necklaces that are multifunctional. Each piece can be worn as a beautiful necklace, an eyeglass holder, and sunglasses chain. They can also be used as lanyards.

Artfully-Creative strives to provide you with a luxurious product that is carefully handcrafted with high-quality materials and beads. Since many of our eyeglass holder necklaces are made with semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and unique accents, each design is distinctive. It can be difficult to choose just one!


Since they can also be worn as statement necklaces, it is perfectly okay to have several to wear with different types of eyewear or to match different outfits. We have created this guide on how to choose an eyeglass necklace for your glasses as a starting point, so you can begin your fashion journey in the world of eyewear. Whether you want to find one for your eyeglasses or your Ray-bans, these tips can help you explore some possibilities. Feel free to try new styles and wear different ones based on your outings or special occasions.


Eyeglass Necklaces for Metal Frames

An eyeglass chain with bright, colorful beads and stones will beautifully complement eyewear with metal frames. Turquoise or red designs would be stunning. A few metal-tone accent beads could also work well. If you prefer a neutral look, a simple, white eyeglass necklace can be a classic choice. For a luxurious look, consider unique designs made with subtle vintage-inspired or metal-tone beads that would make a striking statement.  


Eyeglass Necklaces for Plastic or Acetate Frames

We carry a gorgeous array of designer eyeglass chains that will look stunning with glasses or sunglasses made of plastic or acetate. Classic colors with gold-tone or silver-tone accents are available. Feel free to experiment with colors depending on what complements your glasses. We like to try turquoise, pinks, reds, and blues. We inspire women to confidently adorn an eyeglass necklace with sparkling crystals for evenings out or special occasions. The same glittering piece can also be worn as a glamorous necklace.

 La Oyster Gem Eyeglass Necklace

Eyeglass Necklaces for Square Glasses

Glasses or sunglasses with a square shape can be paired with any eyeglass chain. You can pick one with round beads or unique beads and stones. Experiment with colors and styles you are comfortable with.


Eyeglass Necklaces for Round Glasses

If your glasses or sunglasses are round, try an eyeglass necklace that is crafted with beautiful beads and some distinctive embellishments or stones. For a more minimalistic look, choose a simple strand. You can always add a handmade, artisan pendant and wear it as a statement necklace.


Eyeglass Necklaces for Cat-Eye Glasses

There’s already a fun look to glasses that have the cat-eye shape such as those elegantly fashioned by designers like Tom Ford. A simple design with a touch of color can be just enough style. It depends on your taste and how bold you like to be. Designer eyeglass chains with unique stones might be preferred by those who like to make a statement.


You can have a different eyeglass holder necklace for different activities. A simpler design can be reserved for a workout or for daily wear in the office. Stunning, statement pieces can be enjoyed during evening dinners, vacations, or parties. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to customize Artfully-Creative jewelry to suit your taste. We are always inspired to design new items that will fit in with your lifestyle. If you need a custom necklace to match a specific outfit or for a special occasion, contact us. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your eyeglass necklaces, as it is still a relatively new way to enjoy fashion.  

 Luxury Antiques Eyeglass Necklace

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