Fashion Accessory for Special Occasions and Events

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Dressing up is always a fun part of attending special occasions and events. Wearing a beautiful dress, cute shoes, and a sparkling fashion accessory make it a splendid affair. Whether you have a favorite outfit or are shopping for ladies special occasion wear, it’s always exciting (and frustrating) to find something to wear.

Eyeglass sunglasses holder chain necklace jewelry  The jewelry and accessories we wear complete our outfit and can heighten the loveliness of our look. Our founder Laura Parent loves the glitz and glamour of special occasions and events. She wanted to dress up her eyeglasses to suit the occasion. She was inspired to design eyeglass necklaces for all of life’s special moments. Artfully-Creative specializes in designing luxurious evening accessories.

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Our handmade designer jewelry can be worn in many ways. Each piece is designed as a beautiful necklace. Laura uses high-quality beads, stones, and crystals to design luxurious pieces that stand out. Necklaces can be layered to create statement necklaces.

Each piece can also be used as an eyeglass holder necklace. Our special occasion jewelry makes glamorous eyeglass necklaces. If you would like to dress up your glasses or make them ultra-chic, browse the Preziosa Collection to discover a piece you love.  

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Depending on your taste and outfit for the evening, you may like to pick out a specific color or a neutral piece. Based on your style, you could choose a simple design or a bold design that makes a statement. The Artfully-Creative Pendant Collection boasts stunning pendants that sparkle and shine. Adding a pendant similar to our Shimmer Druzy Pendant would certainly make the ultimate evening accessory. Laura loves selecting special druzy stones for each of her unique pendants. Each Artfully-Creative  pendant is handmade with natural elements and may have variations in size, shape, and color. This adds charm and uniqueness to each piece, giving you something that is truly special. The druzy pendants are not only distinctive, but hey have a natural glimmer that make them beautiful for evening accessories.


Artfully-Creative prides itself in providing distinctive, elegant pieces that are perfect for your lifestyle and the many occasions and events you enjoy celebrating. We love designing personalized pieces to suit the occasion. If you would like to have a special piece that matches a specific outfit, enjoy creating a custom necklace.

Fashionable couture eyewear necklaces for sunglasses and eyeglasses 

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